Trident Hotbox

A new brand with a bit of kick to spice up life

Client Trident

The project scope was to create a new category product of instant noodles under the Trident brand that offers real convenience for consumers.

Using the brand assets and look and feel established for the Trident brand, we developed a new hierarchy and design system that helped communicate the new ‘hotbox’ product idea. This system which consisted of an extended colour palette, new typefaces and pack design elements complimented the traditional Trident brand lockup. It gave the new Trident product a unique, but identifiable look that appealed to the young adults leading a busy lifestyle.

Trident Hotbox 02 Noodle Box
Trident Hotbox 03 Noodle Box
Trident Hotbox Bus Stop Billboard
Trident Hotbox Billboard
Trident Hotbox Noodle Box
Trident Hotbox 05 Noodle Box
Trident Hotbox Billboarrd 2

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