Smokey Den

Teasing and tantalising your senses with the beautiful aromatic flavours of Smokey Den

Client Smokey Den

We wanted to create a distinctive photography style that brings to life and captures the beautiful flavours of Smokey Den food.

To keep the current brand look and style of Smokey Den, we decided to shoot all the food dishes from directly above, giving people a good sense of what they’ll get on the plate. This allowed us to capture the vibrancy and freshness of all the ingredients, seasonings and garnishes in their full form, without any blurriness or obstructions. These images were used as window decals to tease and attract people off the street to taste the delicious Smokey Den food.

Smokey Den Logo
Smokey Den Photoshoot
Smokey Den Logomark
Smokey Den Burgers
Smokey Den Food Photography
Smokey Den Foul Play
Smokey Den Chicken 1
Smokey Den Counter
Smokey Den Menu
Smokey Den Photography
Smokey Den Window Front

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