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Love is the heart of all relationships. It’s what connects people together. And it’s what connects people with brands. Lovemark Branding Agency builds stronger relationships between people and brands to create greater engagement. Crafting a brand experience that continually surprises and engages at every point. Taking a customer centered approach to design and making every interaction count. We call it the ‘Love Triangle’ and it’s our approach to building and connecting brands.

Every thought and idea is related and interconnected and helps shape ‘brand’ at every point of the development process. This process helps guide our thinking and keeps brands rooted in truth and reality.

Everything we do at Lovemark Branding Agency starts from the inside. We spend time immersing ourselves in the business ~  understanding what makes it different and unique. We’ll ask a lot of questions along the way. We’ll challenge things (when appropriate). And we’ll problem solve together because that’s what great relationships do ~ work together. It’s about connected thinking, sharing ideas and thoughts that create opportunities and producing outcomes that deliver greater meaning and value.

We love to move people. With every opportunity we get, whether it’s online, in-store or in open spaces, we ensure our brand / creative work is compelling, creates impact and tells a story. It’s this level of creative spirit and commitment to being different that really drives results. And we always overlay our creative ideas with a commercial lens, making sure it not only demands attention ~ but delivers on its intent or promise and adds real tangible value to the business.

Founding Partners

Nelson Martins

Nelson Martins

Founding Partner, Director

Nelson has had a successful career working as a brand designer. He was highly privileged to work alongside Australia’s top Designer of the time; Brian Sadgrove, where he helped define and bring to life many of Australias well known brands like Westfield, Holeproof, Pacific Brands, Cadbury, Bonds, Map coffee, Alpine Shire, Cool Ridge, Schweppes, Latina Pasta, Air Nauru, Spring Valley and many more. It was a pivotal time in Nelson's career having learnt from one of the best brand practitioners the industry has seen.

After Nelson's big stint at Brian Sadgrove, he continued to work as a lead senior designer in many highly sought after design studios working on many top tier FMCG brands and specialising in Packaging and Brand Identity which he then became known for in the industry as a specialist.

Nelson further educated himself around ‘brand’ for the next six years completing a Masters of Communication in Advertising, familiarising himself with new brand principals and some of the fundamental ingredients in building successful brands. This new level of creative and strategic thinking has given Nelson the drive to help elevate brands in new directions.

Today, Nelson plays a pivotal role in helping to shape brands to become the best they can be ~ strategically and creatively. He enjoys pushing the creative boundaries and loves the opportunity to try something new. His love for 'brand' drives him to continually push his potential in all disciplines of design and creative spaces including motion, animation and 3D spaces.

Carl Taranto

Carl Taranto

Founding Partner, Director

Carl’s career has taken many interesting turns. He mostly worked as a lead senior graphic designer for a reputable Melbourne design studio which he then became a partner of for over 10 years, managing many well-known B2B and FMCG brands like Hagemeyer, Jack Daniels, Baxters, Natures Organics, Camp Quality, RMIT, Philips Dynalite, Vic Roads, Mind, Nilsen Electric and Bertocchi.

Being the ambitious creative mind that Carl was (and still is even more so today), he searched for more ~ And got more. His curious mind wanted to understand exactly how brands worked. The mechanics of them and what essentially moved people towards loving brands. So six years later, he completed his Masters in Brand Management and Communications and came out with a new appreciation for brand. This fuelled Carl to show the world his new thinking.

Carl went on to work under and be mentored by whom he still recalls as being the best brand strategist and creative thinker to exist in today’s brand scene. For six memorable and fulfilling years working as a senior Brand Strategist alongside the Brand Director, he was extremely influential in managing teams and shaping many of Australia’s leading brands like Reece, Quest Apartments, Adairs, Brimbank Council, Shinewing Australia, Novartis, Department of Health, Russell Kennedy, Life Diabetes, Metricon, Drummond Golf and Whitbread Insurance. A time he is extremely grateful for.

Today, Lovemark is his baby. He uses his cross-discipline and rare breed of skillset in design, creative and strategic thinking to help reshape and build brands to make them more effective communicators. Carl is a perfectionist and optimist at heart, works carefully through challenges systematically and enjoys working collaboratively. His proven experience in managing high profiled brands gives him the confidence to take on any brand challenge.

Brands we’ve worked with

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We feel privileged to have worked with many successful and leading brands, many of which we have managed and help build over the last 22 years ~ strategically and creatively.

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