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The Comfort Sleep brand always had a great reputation in the retail and commercial B2B sector, but we all believed it could do more and be done better. It never really pushed the boundaries to reach its full potential ~ from a brand perspective and from a consumer awareness perspective. So this was our pillar for growth and creating opportunity.

The Comfort Sleep business and brand needed to evolve and we wanted to make it famous ~  in the consumers mind, within the retail and hospitality sectors and of course with their people; the ones that live and breathe the brand every day. It needed to make a statement to the industry that Comfort Sleep is a serious player and a leader in its category. But more importantly, the best mattress maker the industry has seen. And today, we are on the right path in making this statement for Australia to see.

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Comfort Sleep Store Point of Sale
Comfort Sleep Mattress Label
Comfort Sleep Store Point of Sale

Brand Strategy

We entrenched ourselves right at the heart of the business and started from the inside out ~ doing a full research audit. It was evident through extensive workshops, customer journey mapping, focus groups and speaking with their people and customers that Comfort Sleep always put more into their mattresses. From more commitment, craftsmanship and heart; right through to the selection of more premium grade materials and technology. Nothing was ever compromised and customers experience always came first. So we landed on the key brand message of Comfort Sleep ‘simply putting love into every mattress’ and that’s exactly how the Comfort Sleep brand positioning and tagline was born ~ More goodness in every mattress.

We wanted their positioning to be truly multi-faceted, to sound different and be different to anything else in the bedding market. It had to be unique, sustainable long term, differentiated and compelling; giving customers a real reason to choose a Comfort Sleep mattress over a competitor product ~ and this did the job perfectly.

So, is it believable and supported in the business? Well, yes. Comfort Sleep is a family values driven business in its second generation and everyone feels supported and loved like a family. Proudly these family qualities live through the business and everyone is grateful to be part of this extended family. Comfort Sleep mattresses definitely show this level of quality, love, design and attention which is so rarely seen in the bedding industry today.

Comfort Sleep Quality Seal
Comfort Sleep Business Cards Example
Comfort Sleep INSTORE Point of Sale
Comfort Sleep Reception Area
Comfort Sleep Truck Design


From a brand identity perspective, there was a lot we needed to carefully consider. We needed to refresh ‘Sammy the bear’, who had been the face of the business right from the inception and had made such an impact on everyone. So we decided to make the bear more stylised, mature and relaxed ensuring we keep his ‘purpose for being’ well and truly alive throughout the business. It was critical throughout the design process that we kept some of the most recognisable characteristics of the bear so that it delivered that very same feeling to everyone. And more importantly it needed to be loved just like the old Sammy the bear was for decades. 

We elevated the Comfort Sleep typeface to a custom creation, softened the edges to make it feel more organic and approachable and designed an arc that symbolised the cushioning and comfort effect of someone sleeping on one of their mattresses. This arc has now become the ‘signature’ brand element that binds all brand communications together to tell the Comfort Sleep brand story consistently with confidence and clarity.

This brand refresh has really touched every facet of the business. While it is still currently being rolled out across the business, it is well and truly starting to live and breathe a new life. Retailers are seeing new point-of-sale, banners, foot protectors, information sheets & 3D cutaways/animations, photography, mattress labelling and newly designed mattress collections. Comfort Sleep staff have seen new signage and branding across the business on delivery trucks, livery, merchandise, stationery, internal templates, EDM & CRM program and a new brand video. And consumers can now immerse themselves online and interact with Comfort Sleeps new website and exciting social media program across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There is probably no touchpoint that this brand hasn’t touched. And it’s not stopping anytime soon with local sponsorships happening, TV being rolled out shortly and a Facebook targeted program on the horizon supporting local regional retailers in driving foot traffic to their stores. The new life of Comfort Sleep is just getting started and it’s going to get super exciting. At Lovemark we thoroughly loved the ride.

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