Mvintage Jewellery

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Client Mvintage Jewellery

Mvintage is a designer jewellery brand from Malta that creates custom pieces for the 30+ year old female market. They wanted to open their first retail outlet in Australia and wanted to offer the Australian market something different and unique. Because the Mvintage brand had no awareness or recognition in Australia, we had to approach this messaging project from a very ‘brand centric’ perspective and tell their story in every way possible. We cleverly crafted some communication messages around the kiosk using pops of vibrant colour to help increase customer engagement and create more conversations with the sales people.

MVintage Logo
MVintage kiosk 10
MVintage Green
MVintage kiosk 3
MVintage kiosk 9
MVintage kiosk 5
MVintage Blue
MVintage kiosk 1
MVintage Pink
MVintage kiosk 11

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