Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery

A genuine jewellery brand that helps clients realise moments of significance.

Client Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery

Leonardo Fernandez are creators of bespoke jewellery, carefully crafted in their Melbourne studio. They wanted to elevate and reposition their brand and attract the type of clientele that wanted to produce something extraordinary and precious. Sentimental pieces that come from the heart and that are so unique that only Leonardo Fernandez could pull off ~ technically and creatively. It’s this type of work that wins the hearts and minds of their clients and that Leonardo Fernandez wants to be remembered for.

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Brand Strategy

The Leonardo Fernandez brand strategy just fell into place once we spoke with the team~ it felt very natural and real. After multiple brand workshops with their master crafters and interviewing current and past clients, it was clear that the work that was being produced was truly unique and magical.

So Lovemark developed two fundamental pillars that underpinned the brand ~ ‘Human Connectedness’ and ‘Proud Artisanship’. Human Connectedness bought ideas of Authenticity, Sincerity, Sentimental Value and Truth together. While the second pillar spoke to themes like Master Crafters, Curiosity, Passion, Creativity, Quality Workmanship and Originality.

Once we had a clear direction on the brand pillars, the key brand message just wrote itself, “Realising Moments of Significance”. We felt this statement really resonated with the team, communicated all the key attributes of the brand and better reflected the type of work they love creating. It ultimately brought joy to their clients life.

Although we were happy with the sentiment of key brand message, we still felt it needed to be more retail friendly, direct and punchier. So we further distilled the key brand message by applying rigorous methodologies and finally landed on a tagline that communicated the essence in a sharper way, which was “Crafting Memories that Sparkle”. This brand statement had all the goodness of the pillars and key brand message, but packaged up in a more relatable and joyful way. It delivered a promise with confidence and clarity. Job done.

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Just like the work that Leonardo Fernandez produced, we also wanted to craft a unique brand identity that was truly original, ownable and communicated their brand story.

We began by carefully crafting a bespoke typeface for ‘Leonardo Fernandez’, chiselling away at letterforms creating angles similar to diamond prisms. This proprietary typography styling gives Leonardo Fernandez a unique look that remarkably reflects what the business does.

Complimentary to the customised brand typeface, we further developed a graphic system incorporating symbolism around Amulets. The Scarab was chosen as the hero motif/brandmark to represent the brand because it communicated ‘Immortality’ and the sentimental nature of their pieces the best. It also reflected the type of jewellery work Leonardo Fernandez does and what they want to be remembered for. It was a unique look and feel for the brand that was hard to replicate.

A full style guide was developed as part of the brand kit for Leonardo Fernandez. This included developing an exquisite colour palette that captured the craftiness and premiumness of the brand, with each colour carefully selected to contrast against each other. We also added a copper colour into their palette to reflect the shiny and textured nature of their products. We selected a serif typeface to give the brand a real exclusive and elegant feel, elevating them above and beyond their competitors.

We spent a lot of creative thinking, energy and effort around the gifting of their products. We looked at ways we could bring their brand to life from a packaging sense because this needed to be super special. The delivery and experience had to be monumental. It’s the moment of joy and realisation. Leonardo Fernandez wasn’t just giving away any jewellery piece, they were gifting a work of art that held a very special memory in their clients heart. So from a design perspective, we had to do this justice. Through a lengthy process and careful curation of fabrics, textures and printing techniques, we helped design and fabricate a stunning packaged piece of art. A keepsake box with custom designed tissue paper inside cradling the piece. All finished to the highest quality (just like their work) and in the most divine fabrics with a personalised card and custom design couture bag. What more could anyone want.

The rollout of the brand assets included corporate stationery, interior design, internal and external signage, packaging, website, social media, video and content creation, brochures and documentation. The overall design effectiveness, consistency and intent of this project was highly respected. We all made magic happen; creating another sentimental moment in the Leonardo Fernandez brand journey.

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