Baby Royale

Creating a little fun and curiosity into their healthy little kingdom

Client Baby Royale

We were engaged to create a unique brand identity for a suite of organic baby formula products that had a universal appeal to parents for the overseas and Australian market.

The Baby Royale project was an extremely fun challenge as we created a brand identity and entire story around hero characters and their circle of organic friends. Through a carefully selected colour palette, hand crafted type, organic patterns and illustrations, we designed the identity and packages with a set of iconic characters, created from the viewpoint of a child. These were a colourful and fun visual expression of the brand that was intended to appeal to a universal audience in the overseas market as well as Australia.

Baby Royale Character
Baby Royale Packs
Baby Royale Pack
Baby Royale Website
Baby Royale Magazine
Baby Ryale Pack on table
Baby Royale Packages lineup
baby Royale DL Brochure

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