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Client Altavita

We were approached by our client to produce all the property marketing materials for their new development in Melbourne.

Altavita is a high-end boutique property and the look and feel of the brand needed to attract highly affluent customers. For this reason, the branding needed to reflect this top tier persona. We used dark saturated tones, lots of natural green leafy colours that were associated with the landscape of the area, contemporary typography and layout and a proprietary design to the floor plates and apartment plans. This helped communicate the elegance and level of sophistication of the property.

As an extension to the project, we were also engaged to create high end 3D renders of each room to showcase the exclusive apartments.

Altavita logo
Altavita Brochure Inside Folded
Altavita balcony
Altavita Brochure Covers
Altavita Brochure Spread 1
Altavita Floor Plate
Altavita balcony
Altavita Brochure Spread 2
Altavita Lounge v2
Altavita Dining
Altavita Brochure Spread 3
Altavita Kitchen
Altavita Brochure leaf
Altavita Bathroom

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